Joe offers a variety of different keynotes, ranging from his famous, "Bill of Reitz" to "Your Glue"​​​​​​​

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Disruption creates opportunity. Joe will teach you his 7 leverage points to get through any change or disruption you may face.

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Joe’s personal story of transition and change in his life. Joe will teach you, "The 10 Principles of Success Regarding Change​​​​​​​."

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Joe will show you a three-step process that will build your personal and professional foundation and launch you to greatness.

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Either you have it, or you don’t.

Joe will give you the 3 attributes it takes to identify drive, create drive and master your drive in your personal and professional life.

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What keeps you in tact?

Emotionally, physically, spiritually and relationally. Joe will give you 4 principles that will guide you to fulfillment in life and business.

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Faith. Family. Fulfillment.

As a 9-year NFL veteran, Joe experienced winning, losing, adversity, change and disruption on a daily basis. He shares the principles he learned in NFL lockers rooms from some of the best players and coaches of all-time that promise to help you Win in the Game of Life!

Joe also speaks to the importance of keeping your priorities in order...and if you do so, you will find your fulfillment! 


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"Joe’s message is inspirational and fits our core values at All Pro Dad about leading with faith and family in everything you do in life." 

- Tony Dungy, Head Coach of 2006 Super Bowl Champion Indianapolis Colts  

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Tony Dungy


Matt Birk

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"Joe Reitz is a great speaker because he is the message - he passionately believes and lives out the principles he speaks about. Joe's authenticity allows him to connect with his audiences and make a lasting impact." 

- Matt Birk, Super Bowl Champion and 6x Pro Bowl Selection  

Gerry Sandusky

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"Joe Reitz speaks from a place of experience but also a place of genuine caring. He understands the value of hard work and through his own journey he has developed insights and techniques that can help others who are willing to put out the effort, achieve great things. Joe’s Bill of Reitz is time tested and proven to work not just in his life and his company but in yours too. Joe is a winner and he will help you be a winner too." 

- Gerry Sandusky, Play by Play Voice of the Baltimore Ravens and author of Forgotten Sundays  ​​​​​​​