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Joe's Personal Story of Transition & Change

Joe's signature keynote brings your audience alive and gives them the strategies and tactics for personal and professional development. Everyone has the right to reinvent themselves in life. Joe walks you through how he pivoted from a college basketball player, to a starting NFL offensive lineman, to now being in the business world: The Principles are the Same!

1. Build on ROCKS not SAND. The storms of life are going to come, it's not a matter of "If", but "When". The key is having your foundation built on Rocks, and having it built before the storms come.

2. Be ready when Life Calls Audibles. As a professional football player, Joe experienced audibles from 2 of the best QBs in NFL history at changing plays: Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck. He only had a few seconds to react, form a plan, and go! Joe explains how a person can live being proactive, not reactive.

3. Control the controllables. Joe explains how to take ownership of your life by focusing on you, what you can control, and not letting others or society dictate your happiness and well-being. 

The Bill of REITZ is just what your audience will need to empower themselves and your event! 


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We live in a constant state of transition and disruption. Joe's outlook and understanding of these two phenomenons will help your attendees guide their way through these turbulent times. Joe will present these seven points for success with heartfelt real life stories and examples that will really bring it home for your audience, they are as follows:

1.  What's Important Now? Priotize your challenges and situations

2.  You can feel sorry for yourself...but not for long!

3.  Elevate your view to 30,000 feet!

4.  Where and what is your goal line? You must always begin to cope with disruption understanding the end in your mind


5.  Every negative has a positive! See things better than they are. Joe explains his stories of his biggest losses and hwo they created his mindset for his greatest gains...there are lessons in losing.

6. What have you done for me lately? Understand this syndrome and mindset that permeates many organizations.

7.  The little things are the big things! Every detail matters when fighting through a turbulent business or life challenge!

Joe will help you focus on the details of your business and life to create fulfillment in your outcome. 

The 7 Leverage Points to

Get Through Any Change or Disruption



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Taken from his signature Keynote, Joe goes deeper into building your foundation with a patented three step process:

1.  Your audience will be challenged to "find their faith", what they are putting their faith in, what they are believing, and how are they believing and acting on their faith?

2.  Don't be the hero of your own story. We all need somebody to lean on...who are you leaning on? identify the people who can help you, and who is your inner circle. Are the people you are surrounding yourself with wanting to see you succeed?


3.  Never give up; don't EVER give up. It is easy to say, but not easy to live. You never know when just one more act will open up the destiny inside of you. Many people have stopped just short of their destiny and never enjoyed who they were meant to be, what they were meant to do, and what they were supposed to own.

A foundation is based on consistent good decision making.  Just one bad decision can wreck your foundation.  Joe will show you how to protect yourself from this disaster happening to you!

The 3 Step Process that will

Build Your Personal and Professional Foundation


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Drive is something we all wish to possess. Some have more than, what is the difference?

Here are the 3 Principles that can help you Win in Life by Increasing your Drive:

1. Win the 3rd Lap - Joe has lived by the principle of "focusing on the third lap". Joe's formula states that drive and victory in anything in life is greatly enhanced by focusing and dominating the 50 to 75% time frame of any task or goal. Embrace this time frame to gain a competitive advantage on the world.

2. Fail Forward. Embracing failure is the next element of increasing yoru drive. Learning from your losses is the key to never giving into failure. Joe teaches you the formula that you either win or you learn...but you never lose!

3. Every Day is Game Day! This keynote takes you into the intensity of daily decision making. You must be ready to compete every day, we all have the same 24 hours in the day to accomplish our goals. How are you competing on a daily basis?

Joe challenges you to find and increase your preparation, energy, mental focus, gratitude, and all out action you need to increase yoru drive on a daily basis. You can't stand still. You must be working every day to build your drive to win!  ​​​​​​​

The 3 Attributes it Takes to

Identify, Create, & Master Your Drive


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Perhaps Joe's most personal keynote, Joe will delve into your soul and find out: 

"What keeps it all together for you?"

"What get's you ready for the day?" 

Joe teaches and walks you through his four ingredients for his GLUE!

1. Emotion: If you can't control your emotions you can't even be in the game. How do you handle adversity, the peaks and the valleys of life?

Joe has your answers to emotional control that will help in your relationships and life.

2. Physical: You must treat yourself the way you would treat your own kids or players when it comes to physical health. Do you practice what you preach?

3. Spiritual: Joe will share his relationship with Christ, his expectation, and his dedication to salvation. 

He is lead by Philippians 6:7,

"6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God."

"7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus."

4. Relational: Possibly the least important, but possibly the most focused on and influential for your audience. Joe will teach you that the glue gets watered down when any of these four are out of balance. If you let your relational worries affect your other three key glue ingredients, you will put yourself on a path that will not let you "stick" to your success when you find it.

The 4 Principles that will

Guide You to Fulfillment in Life & Business



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